The idea of “Sacred Space” transcends culture, all religions have an idea of what sanctifies a space; taboo’s that regulate what can and cannot be done within a sacred space. In witchcraft, we recognize that the ritual space is more than just a physical setting, from the earth to the sky, the physical and the spiritual, as above so to below.

Establishing this space begins with claiming the area. To do that, everything not aligned with your purpose needs to go. That’s right kids. Clean everything like grandma is coming to visit. Scrub and open those windows, dust the surfaces and launder the linens (add salt to the wash water).

Once the space is cleaned up and out physically it’s time to clean up the energy or psychic flotsam. There are many methods that can be used to accomplish this, but first, sit with the space, and learn the energy that is already there. It may surprise you at the things that cast psychic shadows. It may be an old piece of art, it might be your curtains or overfilled shelves. These items have an energy of their own, and they collect imprints from the events they witness, lovers’ quarrels, abusive relationships, and maybe the parts of your life that you are trying to build distance between like grief or they may have witnessed the death of a loved one. It all imprints. Some of these items may have served their purpose in your life, but some things may need to be moved on to a new home. Pack up the things that might make someone else happy, but only hold sad or bad memories for you, give them to family, or donate them to The Goodwill. If you keep these items, then you will just continue to invite energy that you don’t want into your home, or into your sacred space.

Now you are ready to reset the energy at a spiritual level.

Each classical element has its own role to play in cleansing, either as the only method you use or in combination with the other elements.

Earth: Salt, Selenite, Quartz Crystal, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, and Amethyst; among others act as representatives of cleansing with earth. Salt will neutralize or ground away energy, it can be added to just about every stage of physically cleaning a space, you can even spread it throughout the room before you start cleaning, and vacuum it up when you are done.

Air: Smoke Cleansing, Smudging, Fumigation, Diffusing aromatics. We sweeten the air not to hide the unwanted but to banish it.

Fire: Fire is destructive and cleansing, but fire light warms everything it touches and calms the mind as well as the heart. You can use candles, or a hearth to brighten a space.

Water: Asperging, or washing the area with blessed water or a water-based potion known as a floor wash can be used the clear unwanted energies.