Crystal Lore

One of the longest surviving types of magick comes from the use of gems and precious metals. In the dark times when everything was ruled by the church and any belief outside of what was taught by the educated minority was blasphemy, the hidden meaning of gems survived. Many people even those outside of Pagan Reconstructionism will use crystals to help with a host of issues in our everyday lives or to help recognize important events, such as a marriage engagement. Those who are aware of the hidden language of nature can take that knowledge to new heights; when intelligently used, crystals can help us work with our own hopes, fears, shortcomings, and dreams.

Throughout history and around the world, crystals have kept their secrets and helped their wearers. While not playing so open a role as herbs and incense they have left their mark. The stones on the breastplate of the King of the Tribes of Israel in the Bible, named and described in detail to be remembered for two thousand years. Powdered and used in cosmetics and potions, warn as talismans, worry stones, prayer beads, oath-stones, the Lia Fáil “Stone of Destiny” (there are many of these), the Blarney Stone, the Stone of Scone, and even Plymouth Rock. We have historically given rocks special meaning and value. Why should they not aid us in Magick?

Crystals have been used since the dawn of man for magickal and divination purposes. Even without knowing a thing about atoms, molecular structures, or piezoelectric properties, crystals have inspired us on some deep emotional level – we pick them up, turn them around, feel their texture, see their beauty, and maybe consciously or subconsciously feel a kind of energy emanating from them.
In view of this, it’s not hard to see why crystals have played an important role in history and literature, not to mention magick and healing since the beginning of time.

When we think of crystals, clear Quartz crystals are usually the first thing to come to mind, but the world is full of crystals other than Quartz. Diamonds are carbon crystals, snowflakes are water crystals, and table salt is a sodium crystal, to name just a few. We use Quartz crystals in everyday life in computers, radios, and clocks because the ability to generate electrical impulses when mechanically stressed and because of their ability to resonate or vibrate when an electrical charge is applied to them. We know that crystals are capable of both transmitting and emitting energy, and this is the essence of why they have been used metaphysically throughout history.

As with most Pagans, if you do not already have a cache of crystals, gems, and stones; you will get one. It’s normal to develop and take pride in having a large collection of Crystal’s, they will be joined by other stones both semi-precious and garden variety alike. In some cases more than one of a kind. This is normal.

However, it is advised that you set aside your stones in different ‘collections’ as you will have gathered them for different purposes. The reason you will have so many is that even among the same type of stone they will have different energies, not limited to male and female. I would go so far as to say that a rock collected at the beach would even have a different energy from river rock. But knowing your stones will come with time. In forming these collections you should set aside the stones you intend to use in workings and store those that may become gifts, amulets, and talismans separately. You should have your Casting Stones, Divination Stones, Key Stones, and many, many more sets besides.

The best part about all of it is when we come back to the present world and find that Modern science has confirmed that crystals are important and unique objects. Science finds many uses for crystals and finds them so irreplaceable that they work to recreate them in laboratories.

Crystals absorb and transmit energy—that is their application in our devices, exactly as it is within magick. Many kinds of crystals exist in nature, from the common quartz crystal to the highly expensive diamond. Contrary to what some beginners believe, an expensive crystal is no better for the purposes of charging and using energy than an inexpensive one. Nor does the size of the crystal necessarily help, beyond a certain point—energies gathered over a certain level are lost. What is more important is the way you cleanse and charge the crystal, as well as your own intuitive sense. Never doubt the influence of destiny as well: if you come across a crystal in your travels even while not looking for one or receive one as a gift, it is something you were meant to have. A crystal, like that, is more valuable than any you could buy in a store.

Attuning to such a crystal is a simple process that requires no training—simply feel it out and probe it with your mind and heart. Explore it with your hands, paying close attention to the emotions and ambient energy that comes from the crystal. Monitor the emotions you feel. Try repeatedly, on different days, and keep a record of the sensations you feel from the crystal. Once you feel you understand the crystal’s inner workings, you are ready to work with it.

There probably exists no stone or crystal that hasn’t been or can’t be used in a spell or utilized as an amulet.

Crystal Magick is a type of elemental magick. There is a school of training that says “if it is of the earth, from the earth then it is Earth Magick” I don’t ascribe to this ideology. Each stone is governed by a planet, a gender, and an element. Each crystal may be used with a variety of effects, of long term, short term, and other variable effects.

There is a part of each of us that is half raccoon and half greedy little child. We want things, we collect things and we all aspire to have the collection that makes shopping unnecessary. The desire makes things all the more fun. It’s not necessary, to delve into so much detail when starting out.