Letter from the Admin

The gross majority of the content here (unless credited otherwise) was assembled, curated, and written by Echo, drawing from her Book of Shadows, family teaching, and a plethora of other sources. First shared when the website was originally born back in 2007 it continues to grow through new incarnations.

A lifelong witch and fifth-generation fortune teller, it has been more than 25 years since she was initiated to the craft, and a member in good standing of the Silver Moon Crow Coven since 2000. This website is intended to act in light of the mission of the coven, to dispense wisdom and raise up the next generation of witches.

It has become a concerning trend that younger witches look to defy traditional teachings, making their own way sans a quality mentor. The abundance of information flooding the internet makes that possible; though as always we would like to remind our readers that the information made available to you online is always suspect. Filters have been applied, supposition is presented as fact, and opinions are raised up as gospel courtesy of the influencer crowd. No one source of information is entirely true, no fantasy is entirely fiction. Including this website.

We love to see people better themselves, and strive to provide information that is historically sound and well as informative in the modern sense. The goal is to give you the raw information, and for you to review it, regardless of its source, weigh the details on their own merit, and apply them in accordance with your own conscience.

We are choosing to ignore politics and stray beyond the shallow waters of what is acceptable and live our faith in the untested waters far from shore. You can’t learn anything without experiencing failure, and you won’t know who you are if you don’t try new things.

Love and Light.